Thursday, September 13, 2012

never fails...

Whenever things slow down for a week or two, the phone stops ringing, orders are nowhere to be found, and I get used to the slower pace for a few days, then BAM! it all comes rushing at me at once. This has been going on for years. I have a few different aspects to this business: my local wholesale business, where I sell a my Southwest style functional ware to a few local shops in Sedona; and my Etsy shop, and my yarn bowls which I also wholesale to a few retailers across the country. So there are a few times in the year where nobody seems to want anything. During these times, part of me is relieved to have a break, and another part of me starts to panic, thinking, 'what if nobody buys anything from me ever again. I'm doomed!' And it seems that the moment that panicky thought starts to settle in my brain for a day or two, and I get a little worried, things change. It's like all my customers were waiting, and then they all contact me at once. And then those panicky thoughts of failure turn to panicky thoughts of 'how am I gonna get it all done?'


Rajiv said...

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A good post, keep on blogging.
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Lisa researching ceramics said...

Oh my, these are really beautiful vases! I want some in my house. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.


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