Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pottery by the pound...

there's been a bit o' mayhem round these parts. (for me, at least)
A sudden turn of events early in early July, resulted in B and I learning we would have to move asap, and then the craziness of running around town looking for homes to rent which would fit all of our needs (you should have seen the list!) and then within 48 hours finding one! (with studio space!! yay!)
Moving is one thing, but moving home and a pottery studio is another.
I decided at the last minute to have a seconds sale last weekend, to try to move some of the mountains of seconds that had been piling up around me....I haven't had a studio sale in three years! Considering that I fire weekly, which usually means there are one or two (or 8) screwups per firing, not to mention oddballs and test pieces--there was a lot of pottery here that I did not want to have to move to my new place. Needless to say, things went swimmingly. I put up signage around town, (yard sale style) since I had no time to do anything for the newspaper or print up flyers. And folks showed up. There were friends, neighbors and strangers who bought bags of mugs and bowlies...
An adorable young hippy couple came back three times (!) and lovingly cradled mugs and bowls that I had deemed 'bad pots' and filled up more bags and boxes of bargain stuff...those two really got it! They kept saying they loved my flawed mugs and bowls with crazy glaze drips and crusty bubbles exclaiming "it all had such good energy!"....and they would love to eat and drink from handmade really connected me again with why I do this work and why it feeds my soul.
I spent the weekend chatting with people who did not know I lived here or did this work right in the neighborhood, or that potters even do exist anymore! People came who had taken a class and succumbed to the lure of clay, who wondered if I teach, and told me of their dreams to spend their days potting...oh how I remember those days! Falling asleep at night with thoughts of the next mug shape I would make, and how long it would be before I could get back to the classroom to learn more...folks came who've been working with a local teacher who was once one of my students ages ago!! (now I know I've been doing this a long, long time....)

Sunday night, I started to pack for real, and I wondered just how many pounds of pottery left the building over the weekend, and in my much clay has moved thru my hands?

So the real work began, and now we're about half packed up and moved. We get the truck today and the kiln will be moved tomorrow. (that always makes me nuts) I'll try to post some pix here and there of the new space as it comes together, right now it is just filled with boxes...and I'm unable to imagine getting through it all.


Charles The Potter said...

Sounds like a great send off from the neighborhood. I love it when people absolutely "get it"

Good luck with the move, moving takes up the first 9 of the top 10 of "things I hate to do" Wedging is the last one.

NewDominionBlues said...

How lucky for those who found your sale! Good luck with your move, I hope the new studio is wired for a kiln!

Cinner said...

Beautiful pieces, and yes when people get it, that makes it all worthwhile. I am not a potter but speaking from an artist point of view. take care.good luck with your move.

paul jessop said...

good luck with the new pad.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I understand that hippie couple. I would have loved the "flawed" pieces too.

You are making me miss the pottery studio, clay in my hands. Hmmm. Feeling a little sad now.

Good luck with the move.

Dorien Ruben said...

I wish I was there.. I would have been super-enthousiastic as well.
Hey could you maybe put in an apart spot in your etsy shop for more of these 'flawed pots'? If there is any left?

Christina said...

thinking of you, my friend.

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