Wednesday, February 4, 2009

moving right along...

My kiln is back up and running--yay! Most of the wares from that disastrous firing are acceptable, some are total trash, and a few are pretty darn OK. So I'm good with all that. Just another hiccup in the life of a potter.
So this week, I am working on some new things, trying out some new designs--really going in a new direction for me. I am very happy with one of my glaze tests--you will see them later, and will be using the new glaze on these pots. I really try to keep a good attitude about going with the flow of life's ups and downs, and am feeling OK about things right now.

I have been working diligently on my little kiln yard area, which needed a lot of attention to be safe and functional for me to do my work. I had a tiny little sidewalk which dropped off into a drainage ditch right outside my studio, so I moved the ditch (can you say pickaxe and backache?) and laid down some pavers and it should serve me all right. I can't wait to plant some things and level the ground a little more on the left.


cindy shake said...

you must have sent the kiln fairy to me after she visited you!! We (think) we solved my RF Controller issue and I had a successful bisque firing yesterday! woo-hoo! feels good don't it?!

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